Writing: Not For English Teachers !
...for teachers scared to give writing assignments.
Easy to Write and Easy to Grade!
(relatively speaking)

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Un-English Teachers! Be Brave!
Are you scared of giving writing assignments?
Do you have Composition Consternation?
Do You Break Out in a Cold Sweat
 at the thought of assigning and grading Themes?
A 52-year English Teacher wants to show you
 how to easily give short (or long) compositions
that will be fairly easy to grade,
...Themes guaranteed to make your students
 think hard, choose topics wisely,
and present their arguments
in a clear, logical and confident way.

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                Theme Writing Skills:
1. How to Gather Information for
                a Good Writing Assignment.
2. How To Take Individual Pieces Of
                Information from any source 
                to construct a "Block."
3. How to Group some of these "Blocks"
                into tightly organized Points.
4. How to Organize the Points into a Final Paper

Creating a "Block":
The Basic Unit of Papers Written for Andrews. Construction of a good paper involves:

Suggestions and Observations concerning grammatical or stylistic insufficiencies and inconsistencies will be greatly appreciated.

Three types of analysis could be used:

The Last Step in the Creation of a "Block":

Putting it all together:
Using "blocks" to construct a paper.

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Technical Stuff

Not too hard to do with papers
based on the "block."

This section will be composed of links to SMALL SECTIONS
of my very long "History" section.
Click on a Box below, read the section, and
then click back to this page to avoid brain strain

Formerly Painful Theme Grading

Time and Length

Efficient Grading

Using Grading Sheets

Sample Grading Sheets

Contact Info and Technical Stuff

                   It Works!
     This system can help teachers in any disciplines who are intimidated about assigning and grading themes.
     I've used it successfully with almost all ability levels, from college composition students to special ed students.
     I have also gotten lots of good feedback from other teachers who have successfully used the system
     As a teacher, however, I have been especially gratified by the number of my kids who come back from college to say that "Andrews' Block" really works for them.
     A number of their instructors have even
 used their papers as examples of excellent themes.

        Future Development
     I will be putting the stuff on
this site in a binder, and adding other suggestions, handouts, and forms for grading.
     While it might be dangerous to the camera, a video might also be made to explain the process more personally.
   If you'd be interested in such materials, please let me know.

Contact Jim Andrews

                                            Copyright Stuff:
     As I've used lots of brain cells and many days - and years - making this
 system somewhat accessible to normal human beings, or at least to teachers,
I thought that it would not be amiss to copyright it.
     If it is of use for individual teachers, feel free to use it.
     However, if there is to be official, school-wide, or system-wide use of my
 materials, I would like to be able to supply copies of my materials or provide
a site-license for extensive official use.
     In such an event, I could of course provide more technical assistance and
 more forms that would be optimized for specific disciplines or situations.
     I will continue to perfect the system to make it even easier to use and
     Feel free to contact me with any concerns.
                                                     Jim Andrews

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