Andrews Note cards:
(as my students affectionately call them)
- 8 x 11" Paper -
Only write in Ink! Only write on One Side:
 Never put any information on the back!
Only one quote per page, which makes your quotes portable.

                                              [Center Top]                       [Upper Right Top]
                                      Info for Works Cited Page:            Idea of Quote
                                                               Author, Book, Publisher, Date,                          Don't  put down a
                                                               Internet Address, Page Number, etc.                quote without listing
                                                               (May be abbreviated after first "card")              an idea. This will be
                                                                                                                                           used to sort your ideas.

                                            Background: Who, What, When, Where
   Write      -
Give all information necessary for understanding the quote.
 Second   -Write background while the material is fresh in your mind
                                                 - not a month later.
     -Work on the transition into the quote,
                             (often with a phrase that begins with "When").

                           Quote: Vivid, Interesting, Only on One Narrow Idea
                                            – with "Bullability."
   Write     1
. Indent 1" on the left side only and start the quote
           9 or more lines down to leave room for background.
                  2. For your rough draft, make the quote a bit longer than
(though still on only one idea).
                      It can be cut later.
                        - This gives you more raw material to work with
                           as you are writing your final paper.


                           Goal:                                                               Goal:
to have all of the necessary                                 to save an extra step
         information on the 8 x 11                                in the writing process
              "Andrews Note card,"                                 by turning your "Note card"
         so that you
won't have to go                                  into a rough draft.
           back to the book any more                            When you start on your final
                when you're writing                                     paper, you can add analysis
                  your final paper.                                                   after the quote
                                                                                   - right on your "Note card."   

                              Rationale for "Andrews Note card"
Tiny note cards are a pain, and are rarely used in real life by students writing
papers. 8 x 11" paper is cheap, readily available, has plenty of space for
information, is flexible, can be stapled or clipped together in groups of blocks,
and does not require the superior manual dexterity and long fingernails
needed to manipulate conventional 3"x 5" note cards.                                                                                                    

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