Step 3:
Add Clarification after Quote

The Parson showed his love for his parishioners by
making sure that they had the support of the church
at critical times in their lives. When the members of
his parish were in need, even though,

               Wide was his parish, with houses far asunder,
                yet he neglected not in rain or thunder, in
                sickness or in grief, to pay a call on the
                remotest, whether great or small, upon his
                feet and in his hand a stave. (Carlsen 97)

The Parson would go anywhere at any time and in any
weather to help his people, no matter what problems
they had. Although he didn't have a horse to ride, he was
still willing to go on foot to help them.




CLARIFICATION: explanation of significant  features of the quote.
-What in the quote needs explaining as to its meaning –
        that the teacher would be too dumb to understand?
-This is not to be a simple paraphrase or summary of everything.
     In poetry, especially, (as well as in prose material), one can look at
     individual words and phrases which are unusual or which graphically
     prove your point, and so need discussion.

ATTENTION! Make sure that the first word in the analysis after the
           quote is not indented!  Not indented!
You are not starting a new topic!  You are discussing the quote!
     Don't make your paragraph look like you are starting a new topic
     when you are simply starting a discussion of your quote.

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